Service-Telecom was established in 2015 as an independent telecom tower infrastructure company.

Main product is 30/40 meter-high telecom towers.

Service-Telecom aim to provide mobile network operators with this essential element of tower infrastructure. By renting telecom towers from Service-Telecom, operators will be able to protect their infrastructure investments, cut their capex and operational costs and maximise their profits. Service-Telecom lease new build-to-suit telecom towers to mobile network operators. Service-Telecom towers will provide the functionality and additional services that operators request. In addition, there is an option to place video surveillance cameras, and equipment for monitoring and controlling traffic.

Key clients are Tele2, MegaFon, VimpelCom and Antares.

Service-Telecom aims to become a market leader among independent tower companies in terms of both speed growth and level of operational efficiency.


Multifunctional towers: construction and leasing

Equipment: engineering and location

Service support and 24/7 accident elimination

Service-Telecom build multifunctional towers using a build-to-suit model. Service-Telecom start by selecting the optimum location for the construction of towers, connecting to the grid and providing service support. Using a towers allows the operators to reduce their capex and opex.

Service-Telecom provide engineering, installation and integration of
the telecommunication equipment for mobile operators for voice and data transmission in 3G/LTE standard.

The versatility of the construction allows operators to place additional equipment on the towers. There are options to place emergency service ‘112’ calls, video surveillance cameras and equipment for monitoring and controlling traffic, as well as equipment for road and street lighting.

Service-Telecom provide service support for our infrastructure towers and for the telecommunications equipment of mobile operators. Service-Telecom experts respond to technical issues quickly on a 24/7 basis and resolve them within four hours.

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