Fontanka - 57


St. Petersburg, Fontanka River, 57

The Building of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian empire was built in 1830-1834 on the place of the burnt-out theater after the eminent architect K.I. Rossi design with the participation of I.I. Charlemagne. The Ministry of Internal Affairs occupied the Building in 1847 – 1917. After the big fire in 1862 the Building was restored while preserving the exterior. The front of the Building 57 is much like the other Rossi’s works, it is decorated by balconies on the corners with three-quarter column, Rossi’s window casings. «Lenizdat» printing office has occupied the Building from 1925.

The total area of buildings:18 336,5 sq .m.

The land plot: 6 347 sq .m.

Number of stores:4-5 including basement

Legal position: the long term lease agreement for up to December 29, 2054,

the leasehold right is registered

The holder of lease: Russian legal entity

Building year: 1830-1834 (after the architect K.I. Rossi design )

Purpose of use : administration building

Reconstruction: 1967 (adaptation the building for the industrial use)

Floor-to-ceiling height: 4,4-6,7 m

Investment appeal

  • The high image potential of territory of the Object’s location
  • Good transport availability
  • Secure environment
  • Closed loop
  • The high potential and no limitations on the adaptation the building for the modern industrial use
  • The possibility for adaptation of the building according to the wishes and needs of the Customer
  • The possibility of phased commissioning and moving to the building in 6-8 months
  • The possibility of parking for 200-300 c/p